Logs 2 feet to 5 feet in diameter and 20 feet long

Using the Lucas mill, we mill large logs into live edge slabs, or sections which can them be cut into lumber using the Wood-Mizer band mill. The Lucas uses what is called a chain bar, resembling a giant chain saw, to cut slabs or sections from logs up to five feet in diameter and twenty feet long.

The most popular thickness for wood slabs is 2.5 to 3.5 inches, depending on width length of the log. After air-drying these slabs make exquisite tables, counter tops, benches, and many other furnishings. 

Above are Maple slabs after being milled into beautiful 3in. thick slabs.







Logs up to 30 inches in diameter and 20 feet long

 The Wood-Mizer LT 40 HD bandmill cuts planks, beams, and smaller live edge slabs from smaller diameter logs. Quarter sawn lumber is a popular product of this bandmill and brings out fine features in certain species of trees. This mill also turns figured logs (“knotty” or twisted) into Book Match, or Mirrored, pairs of slabs. 



Using Both Mills:

Often our customers want both wide slabs and lumber from the same large log. Unique Woodcuts synergies the features of both the Lucas and the Wood-Mizer to make this happen. We cut slabs from the center of the log, utilizing the widest sections for the best and biggest slabs, and then we cut the remainder sections of the log in lumber of your preferred measurements. This enables wood crafters to build projects with wood all from the same log!



Portable Sawmilling:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we go mobile with our portable mills, due to the size and weight, support equipment is sometimes needed to move logs and slabs. Slabs that are 3 inches thick, 4ft wide, and 10 feet long are HEAVY!

If you don’t have equipment of your own; a good option for a big job away from our mill is to rent a bobcat from a rental center near you.

If you have several logs, or more than one days work, coming to you may be a good option. For just a log or two, we recommend bringing to logs to us. We can come pick up with a trailer, if you can load it. Hiring a roll back wrecker is an economical way of moving a few logs to our facility.

Large Logs: Cutting larger logs is done with the Lucas Mill (shown to the left).

Small Logs: Cutting smaller logs is done with the Wood-mizer.




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